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The Kudos Christmas Quiz packs have arrived!

There's something for everyone!


Classic Categories Quiz with a Christmas Twist

6 quizzical rounds, 3 of which are Christmas themed! The rounds are as follows:

  • Christmas Entertainment 1 – Christmas Television, Christmas Films, Christmas Music, etc.
  • The World - Geography, history, politics, cities, languages, foreign culture etc.
  • General Christmas – All the things from around 25th December
  • Science and Nature - Human body, technology, animals, plants, inventions, physics etc.
  • Christmas Entertainment 2 – Christmas Television, Christmas Films, Christmas Music, etc.
  • General Knowledge – A bit of everything combined in one crucial final round

Tie Breaker Question - Answer is a number, nearest wins.

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The Bumper Christmas Quiz


If you too are all about Christmas then this might be the right quiz for you, or you can add/replace rounds in our regular quizzes with these rounds.
  • Christmas Entertainment x2 – Christmas Television, Christmas Films, Christmas Music, etc.
  • General Christmas x2 – All the things from around 25th December
  • Cryptic Christmas x2 – Like crossword clues with all the answers being something to do with Christmas

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Print-out pics 'n' puzzles Christmas Quiz

A page of puzzles, trivia and conundrums for you to print and hand out.

From the locals in the pub to your family in the living room, these puzzlers will give everyone something to have a think about.

It’s Christmas Pics ‘n’ Puzzles. A page to print and hand out to individuals or teams

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