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The FIFA World Cup Pub Quiz 2018

Get your customers in the mood for the up-coming World Cup in Russia. The quiz is the latest in our popular series of Special Quizzes.

It's ready for download and has five rounds of eight questions on the subject of the FIFA World Cup including this year's tournament, as follows:

Round 1. The History of The World Cup
        All about the World Cup over the years.
Round 2. British and Irish Teams at The World Cup
        The participation of the Home Countries and Ireland.
Round 3. The World Cup 2018
        All about this year's tournament in Russia.
Round 4. World Cup Records
        Test your knowledge on World Cup record breakers.
Round 5. A Mixed Bag of World Cup Trivia
        A catch all round of World Cup questions.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Pub Quiz 

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