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Our Favourite Games that will Spice Up Your Quiz Nights

Add to the fun during your pub quiz nights by playing a game or two between rounds or at the end of the evening. The games won’t just entertain your customers but could also raise a bit more cash during your event.

Most of these games can have a rollover cash prize, which increases each week if it's not won. This gives you the chance to advertise your quiz nights as offering the chance to win a big cash prize.

The games you play will depend on your audience and the nature of your event, here is a list of our six favourite ways to spice up quiz nights.


Games for Pub Quizzes1. Play Your Cards Right

This is a good game for regular pub quizzes as it's fast paced and can be used to play for a rollover cash prize (cash accumulator). The team that wins the quiz can be offered the chance to play for the jackpot or teams can be selected to play the game through a raffle.

The game is based on the popular TV game show with Bruce Forsyth, where players have to predict if each card in a series will be higher or lower than the previous card. Special equipment featuring giant playing cards can be bought for this game.

2. Heads or Tails

A quick and simple way to generate extra cash at fund-raising quiz nights. All players stand and have to indicate if they think a coin tossed by the compare will land heads or tails by placing their hands on their head or their bum. Those who guess correctly remain standing and the process is repeated until the last person standing is declared the winner. We suggest a £1 entry fee with a percentage going to the winner.

Pub quiz games between rounds3. Open The Box

A simple and popular game to end your quiz night with, and a good fundraiser.

You have a bag of keys, but only one opens the box. Players pick a key and if it opens the door they win the prize inside.

Kits for this game are widely available.

4. Get Creative

Play a hands-on game where teams have to build something or create an artwork with unusual materials. An example would be a competition to build the highest tower out of dry spaghetti and plasticine.

5. Raffle

A raffle is a great fundraiser and will ensure that people stay to the end of the evening to find out if they have won a prize.

Pub Quiz Games6. Jackpot Number

Here's a great game that will reward your regular quiz teams who attend every week.

Write a secret number between 1 and 1000 on a card and seal it in an envelope. Teams get one guess at the number, if they are wrong (quite likely) each team is told if their own guess is higher or lower than the actual number. The number remains unchanged each week until a team successfully closes in on the correct number and takes the jackpot.

This game is even more exciting if your jackpot grows every week that it is not won.

Good luck with your pub quiz night. To get a set of great quiz questions for your event register now.

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