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Tips on How to Be a Great Pub Quizmaster

You’ve decided to run a pub quiz and you have some great quiz questions, but what about the presentation? Don’t underestimate the importance of having a good quizmaster for your quiz night. If you are not comparing the quiz yourself select a person who is confident and has presenting experience. Here we provide our top tips on how to be a great pub quizmaster.


Be Prepared

Planning and preparation is the key to a well presented quiz night. Check that you have all your questions, answer sheets, jokers and the correct number of prizes. Set-up early and test your venue. Don’t wait until the last minute to find out that your microphone needs batteries or is faulty.

Pre-read Your Quiz Questions

Read through the questions well in advance of the quiz just in case there is anything that you don’t understand, that might be incorrect or is tricky to pronounce. Even if you didn’t write the questions, take responsibility for them being clear and complete so that you don’t end up saying “that’s all it says here” or “I’m not sure what that’s all about”.

 Kudos Pub Quizzes: How to be a great pub quizmaster

Be Fair, But Be Strict

Be clear on the rules of your quiz and stick to them. The use of mobile phones and disputed answers are two areas where clarity, consistency and assertiveness are important. Be sure to treat all teams equally when making a judgement otherwise some players may feel aggrieved.

Gauge and Engage your Audience

Every pub has a different customer demographic. Some audiences are quiet and thoughtful whilst others are boisterous and enjoy a bit of banter, this will affect your presentation style. Get to know your audience and go with the flow.

Aim to Be Warm, Not Funny

Not many people can be continuously funny for two hours, so don’t try. Let the quiz be the star, people will be entertained by a good set of questions which are presented in a friendly way with only the occasional use of humour.

Know When to Shut Up

Teams will want to discuss their answers so don’t talk over them after you have finished reading each question.

Take a Break

Give players frequent opportunities to spend money at the bar, to take a comfort break or to have a quick smoke.

Keep it Consistent

Keep your quiz presentation and format consistent every week. People will quickly get used to certain themed rounds, break times, prizes and so on.

Stick to The Script

Don’t be tempted to give away cheap clues to the room or individual teams. This will irritate those who already know the answer and may make your quiz too easy. A well written quiz will already have taken account of the difficulty of the questions.

Get Feedback

After reading all the questions you’ll probably want to circulate amongst the quiz teams to ask if they want any questions repeated. This is a great opportunity to get feedback on the presentation of your quiz. Was it too fast or two slow paced, too long or too short, were there enough breaks etc?

Create a Good Climax

The results can be one of the most exciting parts of a pub quiz night, and a good climax will ensure that players remain in your pub until the end of the event. Create suspense by revealing the final results in reverse order. Have a tie-breaker question ready in case there is a tie. If your audience is suitable, consider having a clapometer style dance-off competition as a tie-breaker. Always announce the prizes as you give them out and encourage applause for the winners. Consider having a relatively large rollover quiz question at the very end of the evening to keep the tension and excitement going.

Good luck with your quiz night. To get everything you need for a great evening register for free quiz questions now.