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About Our Weekly Pub Quizzes

We compile two new, up-to-date quizzes every week, so if you hold weekly or twice weekly quiz nights at your pub we can cater for your needs. The quiz questions and answer sheets can be downloaded by logging in to your account. Payment for quizzes is on a simple pay-as-you-go credit basis (no contract or subscription needed). Quiz credits start at just £3.25 each, see quiz prices.

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Themed Rounds Weekly Quiz

A fun quiz with six rounds, each with a different format. There are 56 questions.

Spellbound - The first letter of each answer spell a nine letter word.
Mini Mastermind - Two sets of five "specialist subject" questions. Different subjects every week.
Simply Connect - Each question features a series; find the common link, the odd one out or complete the series.
Trivia Crossword - Ten general knowledge or cryptic questions with answers that fit into a mini crossword.
In The News - Questions about recent news, everything from celebrities to politics, trivia to major events.
Survival - Get an answer incorrect and stop scoring for the rest of the round. If you're not sure don't answer!
Tie Breaker Question - Answer is a number, nearest wins.



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Classic Categories Weekly Quiz

This quiz has six rounds, each covering a different subject. A total of 48 questions.

Entertainment - Television, movies, youth culture, music, theatre, celebrities etc.
The World - Geography, history, politics, cities, languages, foreign culture etc.
Science and Nature - Human body, technology, animals, plants, inventions, physics etc.
Sport - Full range of sports is covered. Personalities, rules, records, past winners etc.
Art and Literature - Modern and classic art, performing arts, novels, biographies etc.
General Knowledge - Could be anything, including food and drink, identify the lyric or quote, trivia or word poser.
Tie Breaker Question - Answer is a number, nearest wins.



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