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Our Special Quizzes Cover a Range of Subjects

Our Special Quizzes are published on an ad hoc basis (so they are not weekly or monthly quizzes). Each quiz covers a single subject or theme and has five rounds of eight questions.

The subjects that we choose for the quizzes are based on comments or requests that we receive from our customers, and we'll often compile quizzes to coincide with special events, such as the Olympics, Christmas or Halloween.

Go to our shop page to see what Special Quizzes are currently available. These include...

~ Movies of the 1980s Quiz
~ Movies of the 1990s Quiz
~ Music of the 1980s Quiz
~ Music of the 1990s Quiz
~ Best of British Sport Quiz
~ TV Soaps and Sitcoms Quiz
~ Wimbledon Quiz
~ The FIFA World Cup Quiz

Special Pub Quizzes

If you have any suggestions for good quiz subjects please get in touch.

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