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Quiz Prices

Payment for our quizzes is based on a simple pay-as-you-go credit system. Use one quiz credit to download one quiz in either of our two quiz formats - it's that easy. You can top-up your credits at any time, for as little as £3.25 per credit. Our prices are detailed below. Your credits do not expire and can therefore be used up over a long period.

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Quiz Credit Prices

Each credit can be used to download one quiz. Log-in or register to purchase quiz download credits.

No of Quiz Credits Cost Per Quiz Total Cost Free Bonus
1 £5.00 £5.00 ~
5 £4.50 £22.50 ~
10 £4.00 £40.00 ~
20 £3.75 £75.00 ~
30 £3.50 £105.00 100 answer sheets
50 £3.25 £162.50 180 answer sheets

Rates are fully inclusive.